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HandyFriendsBot is an easy-to-use Digital Assistant to help every Ukrainian refugee in need.

More than 4 million Ukrainians fled the war abroad

HandyFriendsBot works exactly for them. The service is developing rapidly and is now available in 45 countries.

How does HandyFriendsBot help Ukrainians abroad?

Provides information on housing, work, education, medical and legal services abroad in Ukrainian language

It is a service for exchanging useful information

It unites Ukrainians in different countries around the world

When the war is over, HandyFriendsBot helps people to come back to Ukraine

There is a story 
of a real person hidden behind every click

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“Chatbot HandyFriends helped me to find accommodation in a short time. In general, renting a house in Poland is not straightforward, but I came across information that refugees can take advantage of free accommodation from Airbnb. It is very convenient that I found all the necessary information at once. It took 4 days to confirm the request for housing. ”

Kate, Poland

We need your support

HandyFriendsBot – is a volunteer initiative. To help more refugees we need your support.
  • We will add new thematic sections;

  • Expand the staff of editors and moderators;

  • Fill HandyFriendsBot with useful content;

  • Optimize the work of volunteer organizations.

Our goal is to bring together 100,000 users in HandyFriendsBot within the next month and 500,000 in the quarter.

Анотація лінійних фону

How is HandyFriendsBot going to work after the war?

Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, it will accompany each user home step by step;

Helps to obtain information on compensation in case of housing destruction;

Creates a database of vacant posts in different regions of Ukraine;

Provides information on education, medical and other necessary services;

Informs about social assistance, benefits and general adaptation activities;

Conducts sociological surveys to analyze the location, needs and emotional state of Ukrainians coming back to home.

HandyFriendsBot can help everyone whose life has been changed by war

The HandyFriendsBot service can be adapted to help citizens of other countries affected by the war - for example, Syria.

For Syrian citizens living in other countries, HandyFriendsBot can also be a Digital Assistant by providing Syrian-adapted content in their native language.

is a volunteer initiative, launched by

The service works due to the contributions from the Central and Eastern European Development Funds and the Open Mind Foundation.

with support of

in collaboration with

with support of

for Startups

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