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The Open Mind Foundation (OMF) 

Research of public opinion through the study of mass and  group emotions.
Humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees.

The Open Mind Foundation (OMF) –is an international non-profit public institution for the study of  group and mass emotions and their effects on everyday life.

OMF research results give governments, central or local, additional instruments to achieve  emotional stability in a society/community.
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Our mission

To let the liberal elites worldwide know the real emotional condition of their people and suggest the means to defend liberal values.

Our Slogan:

To know what the world feels.
To understand what people need to live in hope for the future.

Our goals

To study mass emotions and their impact on social, political, and economic changes in a society.

To develop methods for determining and monitoring the emotional state of large population groups.

To unite researchers in various academic fields who study individual and mass emotions.

To assess the level of basic mass emotions in various elites and age groups that compose a society.

To accumulate cutting-edge research and innovations in the field of emotive technologies.

To understand the emotional power that fuels various hate groups.


Vast research and development work, public education, publishing, public opinion research, public opinion polls, organization of various events, charity activities and conferences. Humanitarian aid activities.

“…The study of collective emotions in a specific territory can tell us a great deal on the state of mind of its population. Such a study can help to determine the reasons of popular discontent which may grow into a violent mass protests. Such knowledge may save lives. If our goal is to live in a free, responsible and liberal society, we must strive to measure and monitor the levels of basic collective emotions, such as hope, fear, humiliation and anger, to understand at which point their mixture may become explosive.”

Savik Shuster, the OMF President

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