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About the “Electronic Democracy” project

17 November, 2020

The All-Ukrainian social project "Electronic Democracy" is an online platform for expressing a public opinion on key issues in our country.

You - participate in our surveys, we - do everything to convey your position to the authorities and get their feedback.
We want to build real e-democracy together with you, so that people can influence the decisions of the authorities at any time, not just during the elections.

The project was created by Savik Shuster together with the country’s leading sociologists and programmers. The voting algorithm allows us to showcase the opinion of different generations, different genders, and of residents from different cities of Ukraine. Therefore, we ask you to indicate your gender, age, and place of residence during the registration.

Please note: Participation is anonymous. We ask for your phone number only to determine that you are a real person living in Ukraine, not a bot designed to pilfer votes.

It is possible to get authorized through the system of state online services "Дiя". If you already have this application, please verify your identity; it will help us to get the most reliable survey results.

Every Friday we invite you to take part in the surveys of the program «Свобода Слова Савика Шустера» ("Freedom of Speech with Savik Shuster"). Politicians in the studio will hear your opinion. Join and help us develop civil society in Ukraine!

To participate, add an e-Democracy app to your phone or computer and follow the instructions:


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